School Improvement Team


School Improvement Team (SIT)


SIT will be composed of the principal, the assistant principal, the staff development chairperson, one representative from each grade level, one representative from the EC department, the guidance counselor, media coordinator, and a representative from each of the following areas: classified staff, auxiliary staff, Advisory Council and/or PTO.  Representatives must meet with the group they represent after each SIT meeting to disseminate the meeting’s information. This will also serve as the Safety Team. SIT will follow the guidelines presented to principals for the 2015-2016 school year.


This committee will meet monthly to deal with the general business of the school and to monitor progress in regard to our School Improvement Plan. The committee will meet on the first Tuesday of each month.

September 1

October 6

November 3

December 1

January 5

February 2

March 1

April 5

May 3

June 7


SIT representatives will also serve as grade level chairpersons.  Each grade will select a grade level representative.  Grade level representatives will be responsible for facilitating grade level meetings and providing feedback to the school’s administration regarding school issues and grade level concerns.


Pre-K    Michelle Barnes                     Media               Becky Condon

K          Tracy Rowe                              Principal           John DiBonaventura     

1          Katie Scott                                 AP                   Lorrie Varner   

2          Sharon Hepler                          Instructional Assistant                Judy Grant

3          Jennifer Coleman                           Guidance                        Sarah Brown    

4          Kala Tobin                                  Aux.                 Janet Tysinger 

5          Melinda Miller                          Custodian         Dwayne Hulin

Title 1   Anna Ruth Crouse                  Parent              Amber Welch

PAT     Bleasha Carroll                        

Cafe     Debbie Nobles

Enrich  Brandy Mulkey

EC        Alyssa Pugh