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Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule

* 7:30-9:00  All Children come to class ( Unpack, Put Note Book Away, Sign In, Potty , Wash Hands, Pick Lunch)

 Free choice centers)

*9:15 Mrs. Lindsey works with individuals on art projects.

*9:30  Mrs. Barnes works with individuals on IEP goals

*9:45 Mrs. Sumner works with students on Hand Writing without Tears.

*10:40 Clean up /Music Activities / Potty and Handwash

*10:45 Circle Time Review / Story time

*11:00  Lunch

*11:35 Clean up, Potty, Wash Hands

*11:45 Outside Exploration

*12:50 Return to Class, Wash Hands, Pack Up

*1:00 Car riders go home

*1:00 Nap for Remaining Students

*2:20 Wake remaining students and get ready for departure / Potty /  Hand washing / Snack



*** Schedule is Subject to Change due to Teachable Moments and to meet the needs of the Children.****

Tuesdays and Thursdays - Speech Therapy

Fridays- Occupational Therapy