Reading Strategies

Good readers ask:
Does the word look right?
Does the work sound right?
Does the word make sense?

Decoding Word Strategies:
-Use the pictures for clues to help you figure out unknown words
-Get your mouth ready; say the first sound in the word
-Skip the word, keep reading, go back and try reading the word again
-Look for smaller words inside bigger words
-Stretch the word slowly, put the sounds together to read the word

Comprehension Strategies
-Ask questions and look for answers before, during, and after reading
-While you read make predictions, discuss your predictions during and after reading
-Think about what you read, Retell the story in your own words
-Visualize the story as you read, see the story in your head like a movie
-Make connections from the story to yourself

Tips For Reading Aloud to Your Child

Before Reading:
-Look at the cover and ask what your child thinks the book will be about
-Take a picture walk and discuss pictures

During Reading:
-Explain difficult words
-Make prediction along the way
-Point out pictures to help your child visualize

After Reading:
Ask your child to retell the story, it's okay to look back through the book